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Friends: Please be aware that I have retired from active consulting, However, I’ve decided to keep the website up and available for archival purposes, and for access to the Newsletter Articles, Recommended Reading, etc.


Are you a label owner or executive struggling with
the CHAOS of running your business?

If you're like most record company executives:

  • You'd like to learn how to be profitable and stay profitable.
  • You need help constructing recording, production, or marketing budgets.
  • You want to know what your last important release cost to record and market - and if it will be profitable.

Solutions Unlimited cuts through the chaos by establishing and implementing financial systems and budgets to boost your bottom line and ensure profitability.


If you're like many music industry professionals:

  • You're having trouble setting up systems and procedures for starting a new label.
  • You know you've got operational or management problems, but can't figure out what they are.
  • You can't get your new releases out on time.
  • You're bogged down by details that keep you from seeing the clear picture.

Solutions Unlimited provides expert advice in setting up effective systems and procedures for start-ups and existing companies.


If you're frazzled by how to properly market your latest talent discovery:

  • You may be wondering how to position your label for maximum exposure and response.
  • You're puzzled by how to deal with the latest music industry emerging technologies.
  • You need an experienced advisor to help you.

Solutions Unlimited supplies skilled marketing advice and technology consulting to get you up to speed in the rapidly evolving world of the recording industry.


If you see yourself in any of these situations, join other like-minded record company professionals ranging from small one or two-person labels, to medium size companies, to large multi-national conglomerates, who've already called on Keith Holzman of Solutions Unlimited. As the only music industry management consultant, Keith can work with you to solve your business challenges and help you secure your record label's future for profit and success.

“Keith was one of the first people I contacted after I decided to jump into the music biz. He helped me and my team understand what we were in for in terms of work, finances, organization, planning. His book was our go-to, step-by-step guide to building our record label infrastructure. When Keith gives you the seal of approval it's meaningful. My co-worker and I refer to ourselves as ‘Keith's Kids.’”

- Marc Snegg, CEO, Grass Roots Record Co., Nevada City, CA

Are You Ready to Get Serious About
Managing Your Record Label for Success?

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