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Friends: Please be aware that I have retired from active consulting, However, I’ve decided to keep the website up and available for archival purposes, and for access to the Newsletter Articles, Recommended Reading, etc.

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Budgets (Newsletter #1, May 2001)
A look at how to prepare budgets to run a label effectively.

Accounting (Newsletter #2, June 2001)
What to do to establish effective accounting systems to

manage a record label.

Inventory (Newsletter #3, July 2001)
Inventory management and systems for record labels.

Production (Newsletter #4, August 2001)
What the production staff or person does to get a record ready for release.

Crisis Management (Newsletter #5, September 2001)
How to plan for and be ready to handle an emergency.

A&R Administration (Newsletter #6, October 2001)
The process of budgeting for and controlling recording costs.

Artist Agreements - Business Affairs, Part 1

(Newsletter #7, November 2001)
What to avoid when dealing with artist contracts.

Business Affairs, Part 2 (Newsletter #8, December 2001)
Handling of additional legal aspects of running a record label.

Marketing (Newsletter #9, January 2002)
Put together an effective marketing plan for your releases.

Ancillary Income (Newsletter #10, February 2002)
Mining your catalog for income you may be missing.

Random Thoughts (Newsletter #11, March 2002)
Observations after attending a record industry conference: distribution, starting a label.

10 Common Mistakes (Newsletter #12, April 2002)
Mistakes record labels frequently make.

Protecting Intellectual Property, Part 1 (Newsletter #13, May 2002)
How to protect your recording copyrights.

Protecting Intellectual Property, Part 2 (Newsletter #14, June 2002)
ISRC Codes and preserving master tapes for posterity.

Digital Music Licensing (Newsletter #15, July 2002)
To license or not in this era of rampant music theft.

Follow-up Exchanges to "Digital Music Licensing"
Fascinating dialog about dealing with theft of music.

Royalty Accounting (Newsletter #16, August 2002)
How to deal with royalties, and who receives them.

Artists and Repertoire [A&R] (Newsletter #17, September 2002)
How to find and sign talent appropriate to your label.

Publicity (Newsletter #18, October 2002)
Getting effective publicity.

Staffing (Newsletter #19, November 2002)
Necessary staff positions, from start-ups to larger labels.

Artist Agreements Revisited (Newsletter #20, December 2002)
Keep them fair and keep them simple.

Clean the Slate (Newsletter #21, January 2003)
Some suggestions to improve your new year.

The Perils of the Record Business Today (Newsletter #22,
February 2003)

My take on why the industry is in such a sorry state.

Some Solutions for Record Business Perils (Newsletter #23,
March 2003)

What record labels can do to survive and prosper.

Benefits of a Deep Catalog (Newsletter #24, April 2003)
The advantages of building a large catalog of releases.

Some Observations (Newsletter #25, May 2003)
Comments on RIAA's IM to P-2-P Services, Apple's iTunes Music Store, Dealing with Slow-moving Titles, Too Many New Releases.

Recommended Books and Publications (Newsletter #26, June 2003)
A guide to some of the best books and publications about the music industry, and business in general.

Opportunities for Indies (Newsletter #27, July 2003)
New ways to increase your label's income and performance.

Music Publishing (Newsletter #28, August 2003)
The benefits of having your own publishing company.

Pricing (Newsletter #29, September 2003)
A comment on the pricing of new releases and catalog.

Planning Ahead (Newsletter #30, October 2003)
Planning--an essential to running a successful record label.

A&R Wake-up Call (Newsletter #31, November 2003)
Take a fresh look at the artists you sign and the music you release.

Year End Resolves (Newsletter #32, December 2003)
Helpful advice to prepare for next year.

Improvement for 2004 (Newsletter #33, January 2004)
A few ideas to improve your new year.

Some Marketing Tips (Newsletter #34, February 2004)
More ways to increase market share.

Strategic Planning (Newsletter #35, March 2004)
The benefits of strategic planning for all record companies.

Do It Yourself (Newsletter #36, April 2004)
The DIY road to starting your own label.

Working with Professionals (Newsletter #37, May 2004)
Making use of the services of a lawyer, accountant, or management consultant.

The Record Company of the Future (Newsletter #38, June 2004)
My vision of what a successful label will look like in future.

Effective Web Sites (Newsletter #39, July 2004)
Make your label's web site as successful as possible.

Preserving Masters (Newsletter #40, August 2004)

The importance of preserving and protecting multi-track and masters tapes.

Budgeting the Future (Newsletter #41, September 2004)

Why and how to plan next year's budgets.

Contingency Planning (Newsletter #42, October 2004)

Plan for what you hope will never happen.

Street Teams (Newsletter #43, November 2004)

Using Street Teams as a Marketing Aid

Year End Actions (Newsletter #44, December 2004)

Suggestions to Make Next Year Easier.

A&R (Newsletter #45, January 2005)

Improve Your Year by Improving Your A&R.

The Bigger Picture (Newsletter #46, February 2005)

Ideas to help you focus on what's really important for your label.

New Technology (Newsletter #47, March 2005)

The impact of ringtones, music over cell phones, DRM, BitTorrent,

and podcasting on record labels.

The Business of Music (Newsletter #48, April 2005)

Keep on top of the business aspects of running

a successful record label.

Control Manufacturing Costs (Newsletter #49, May 2005)

Suggestions on how to keep print and manufacturing costs low.

Music Publishing Revisited (Newsletter #50, June 2005)

Why having a publishing company may be a good idea.

Licensing to Films and TV (Newsletter #51, July 2005)

The value of licensing your music, and how to do it.

Sell More Music (Newsletter #52, August 2005)

More ways to sell your music.

Financial Planning Revisited (Newsletter #53, September 2005)

Another look at planning for the future, finance-wise.

Your Best Friend (Newsletter #54, October 2005)

A label's best friend may be its attorney.

Declining Trends (Newsletter #55, November 2005)

One way to deal with decreasing sales.

Year End Thoughts (Newsletter #56, December 2005)

Thoughts for closing the year in good shape and

positioning your label for a successful new year.

The Crystal Ball (Newsletter #57, January 2006)

Some predictions regarding the music industry's  future.

Whither the Music Industry (Newsletter #58, February 2006)

Thoughts about the future direction of our business.

Recent Developments (Newsletter #59, March 2006)

Current news that concerns the music industry.

Websites Revisited (Newsletter #60, April 2006)

Suggestions for improving your website.

Planning Ahead Revisited (Newsletter #61, May 2006)

The importance of planning to the success of a label.

Random Comments (Newsletter #62, June 2006)

Thoughts on CD Packaging, Eroding Sales, etc.

More Recent Developments (Newsletter #63, July 2006)

News of importance to independent labels.

What's a Record Label? (Newsletter #64, August 2006)

Wherein I try to define what constitutes being a record label.

Digital Distribution (Newsletter #65, September 2006)

Options and opportunities for selling downloaded music.

Loss of Tower (Newsletter #66, October 2006)

How Tower Records' closing effects Independent labels.

More Planning Ahead (Newsletter #67, November 2006)

The importance of financial planning.

Year End Ideas Revisited (Newsletter #68, December 2006)

Useful ideas that might make next year easier and more successful.

Industries in Transition (Newsletter #69, January 2007)

Recent Sales Data, plus parallels between the Music and Movie industries.

Digital Rights Management (Newsletter #70, February 2007)

Is DRM good or bad for Indie labels?

Artist Contracts (Newsletter #71, March 2007)

Thoughts on agreements that are fair.

Staying Alive (Newsletter #72, April 2007)

Ideas on how to survive and be profitable.

Curious Numbers (Newsletter #73, May 2007)

A look at the high volume of new releases and what they mean.

The Devaluation of Music (Newsletter #74, June 2007)

Thoughts on what's happening to the value of music.

In the News (Newsletter #75, July 2007)

Recent news events of interest to label executives.

Performance Royalties (Newsletter #76, August 2007)

Commercial broadcasters should pay royalties to artists and their labels.

Sustainability (Newsletter #77, September 2007)

How record labels can help our planet by being environmentally friendly.

News of Note (Newsletter #78, October 2007)

Recent events of interest to music industry executives.

Just Desserts (Newsletter #79, November 2007)

Talent should receive its fair share of the income pie.

My Cloudy Crystal Ball (Newsletter #80, December 2007)

My educated guesses as to what's in store for the music industry in 2008.

Stats & The Future (Newsletter #81, January 2008)

Sales Statistics for 2007 and Innovation in 2008.

Marketing Plans (Newsletter #82, February 2008)

Developing marketing plans for independent labels.

The State of the Business (Newsletter #83, March 2008)

Where the business may be headed and suggestions on how to deal with it.

The 360 Deal (Newsletter #84, April 2008)

A good or bad idea for labels — and artists?

Fairness (Newsletter #85, May 2008)

Deals between labels and their artists should be fair and equitable.

The Bigger Picture Revisited (Newsletter #86, June 2008)

Focus on what's important, to you and your label.

Atoms and Bits (Newsletter #87, July 2008)

Why you might (or might not) want to release CDs.

Packaging (Newsletter #88, August 2008)

Good packaging and including lyrics helps sell CDs.

Thoughts & Trends (Newsletter #89, September 2008)

Thoughts about the music industry.

Wanted: Alchemist to Make Bread from Music

(Newsletter #90, October 2008)

How one record label owner deals with a common problem.

Artist-Owned Labels (Newsletter #91, November 2008)

The value of artist-owned labels in today's economy.

Belt-Tightening (Newsletter #92, December 2008)

Suggestions to prepare for a successful new year.

Keys to Success (Newsletter #93, January 2009)

Ways to succeed to have a good business year.

Current News (Newsletter #94, February 2009)

Recent news of importance to Indy labels.

More Current News (Newsletter #95, March 2009)

More recent items of interest.

Dismal Days (Newsletter #96, April 2009)

A few thoughts on how to cope with the current business climate.

Concerned (Newsletter #97, May 2009)

My concerns about the future of the record industry.

Changes (Newsletter #98, June 2009)

Thoughts on changes in the record industry.

Scary Data (Newsletter #99, July 2009)

Important record industry sales trend numbers.

A Sustainable Vacation (Newsletter #100, August 2009)

The importance of sustainability -- even if you're on holiday.

Marketing -- Another Look (Newsletter #101, September 2009)

Various approaches to marketing music these days.

Musings (Newsletter #102, November 2009)

A few thoughts having taken some time off.

Year-End Comments (Newsletter #103, December 2009)

A brief look at the last 12 months, and planning for the next 12.

2009 Sales Data (Newsletter #104, January 2010)

A look at sales statistics for 2009 and what they mean.

Compelling Websites (Newsletter #105, February 2010)

Label and Artist websites that work.

Business Plans (Newsletter #106, March 2010)

Suggestions for writing effective record label business plans.

More Musings (Newsletter #107, May 2010)

A few comments on recent events.

June Gloom (Newsletter #108, June 2010)

Music industry sales continue downward.

Summertime (Newsletter #109, July 2010)Negotiating (Newsletter 123, June 2012)

January-June 2010 Music industry sales stats.

Summer Reading (Newsletter #110, August 2010)

Two recommended books for music industry leaders.

Recorded Media Preservation (Newsletter #111, September 2010)

The importance of preserving a label's recorded media.

Archives (Newsletter #112, October 2010)

The value of maintaining a comprehensive label archive.

Next Year's Budget (Newsletter #113, November 2010)

How to build a financial plan for next year.

Fall-Out (Newsletter #114, December 2010)

Year-end comments.

2010's Sales (Newsletter #115, January 2011)

A look at last year's sales stats.

Positivity (Newsletter 116, April 2011)

An attempt to think positively about the music business.

Succession Planning (Newsletter 117, May 2011)

The importance of a succession plan.

Recommended Reading -- Updated (Newsletter 118, July 2011)

An updated list of useful books and periodicals.

The Cloud, etc. (Newsletter 119, October 2011)

A brief explanation of The Cloud, and other matters.

Goodbye 2011 (Newletter 120, December 2011)

Reflections as the year draws to a close.

Welcome 2012 (Newsletter 121, January 2012)

Sales Data for 2011.

Consolidation (Newsletter 122, March 2012)

The record industry consolidates.

Negotiating (Newsletter 123, June 2012)

The art of negotiation.

Mid-Year Numbers and Take a Vacation (Newsletter 124, July 2012)

Sales stats for the first half of 2012 and the importance of taking vacations.

Taking Stock (Newsletter 125, September 2012)

Examine all apsects of your label's operation.

Farewell 2012 (Newsletter 126, December 2012

The end of another year with suggestions for smoother running of your label.

Mid-Year Numbers (Newsletter 127, July 2013)

Sales Data for the First Half of 2013.



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