Manage for Success: June Gloom, Newsletter #108, June 2010

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The weather for Southern California at this time of year is usually forecast as "night and early morning low clouds." We Angelinos call it "June Gloom" since we don't normally see sunshine until mid-day.

In parallel, sales for the music industry continued their downward trend, but came a bit early -- "May Gloom?"

In a June 4th article, Billboard's Ed Christman reported that, for the week ending May 30th, the U.S. sold the fewest albums since Soundscan started compiling data in 1994. Sales of 4.98 million units were off almost 14 percent from the 5.76 million sold in the last week of May 2009.

By way of extreme contrast, the highest one-week total was 45.4 million units in late December 2000. Per Christman, "Billboard estimates that weekly album sales volume could, in fact, be at its lowest point since the early 1970s."

Whatever the reason for this low sales volume -- possibly fewer major titles released that week, or creeping piracy, or just plain poor music, what can execs of independent labels do to stem the tide and stay afloat?

Should they do what I do when I've had a bad week -- resort to a very dry martini, stirred not shaken?

Or should they knuckle down and take a close look at all of their activities and functions? In other words, take a look at what they may be doing ineffectively and then what they might do to improve matters, and thus sales?

Perhaps that's where I come in. This may be a crass commercial, but I've spent many years helping record label executives deal with a great many crises as we work together to improve their bottom lines.

So I suggest you contact me if you're having difficulty running your company. I've had many years of record industry experience at labels large and small, and have helped them solve many problems. Let me help you as I've helped so many other labels "manage for success."

Email me at <> so we can discuss how I can improve your business.

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