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Friends: Please be aware that I have retired from active consulting, However, I’ve decided to keep the website up and available for archival purposes, and for access to the Newsletter Articles, Recommended Reading, etc.


Many record label executives learn too late that managing a record company is a business with multiple challenges, the biggest of which is becoming and remaining profitable. And you can't be profitable if you have insufficient or incomplete management information, poorly functioning systems and internal practices, high overhead, too many employees, or recurring production difficulties.

Keith Holzman is your successful solution to many record company problems. He is the management consultant who specializes in…

Management and Systems Challenges

  • Guides and Assists Start-ups in All Aspects of Setting Up a Business
  • Reorganizes Existing Companies When Necessary
  • Establishes Systems and Procedures Tailored to Each Label's Needs
  • Guides in Setting Up Effective Project Management Systems
  • Assists in All Aspects of Tracking Production of New Releases

Financial and Profitability Challenges

  • Financial Systems
  • Recording Budgets
  • Production Budgets
  • Marketing Budgets
  • Inventory Systems
  • Royalty Accounting Systems
  • Project Management Systems

“Keith possesses the rare gift of being able to balance Big Dreams and the Bottom Line. He can be conservative or he can be a creative Rock Star, whether hammering out budgets or assessing the strategic value of planned expenditures. He's fun, he's wise, he's trustworthy and he's reasonable. As a label owner and as a producer, I engaged Keith on separate occasions, and was 100% satisfied. I highly recommend him.”

- Michael James, Co-Founder, Fresh Baked Music LLC;
President, Alternator Records LLC, Encino, CA

Business Affairs and Contracts

  • Systems to Maintain Contract Files and "Tickler" Calendars
  • Systems for Filing for and Maintenance of Mechanical Licenses
  • Systems for Filing for Copyrights
  • Creating Contract Summaries

Marketing and Distribution

  • The Right Distributor for Your Label
  • Marketing Plans that Get Results

“When I started my record company, Keith Holzman was recommended to me by one of my attorneys as an expert in all around administration of a record company. This is one of the best recommendations anybody gave me. Not only did he help me set up distribution, both foreign and domestic, but was always willing and helpful with wonderful advice on many levels. He is a complete delight to work with.”

- Donna Schifrin, President, Aleph Enterprises, Beverly Hills, CA

New Technology

  • For Business Systems
  • For Circulating Your Music on the Internet
  • What (and What Not) to Put on Your Web Site
  • Production of DVD-Audio disks

“I have worked with Keith for over 15 years, and during that time he has always demonstrated the organizational skills necessary to get any job done. He was instrumental in working with me in developing and coordinating the myriad of materials necessary to get DVD-Audio launched. His ability to understand the long-term process of differing subjects has always been one of the reasons I liked working with him. His follow-through ability has always been a strong point and makes him a valuable asset, and he doesn't let things fall through the cracks, and there are many in the music business that do.”

- Al McPherson, Former VP Technology, Warner Bros. Records Inc., Burbank, CA

If you know one or more of these services would make a
significant improvement in your record company,
and if you're committed to experience great results...

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