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Friends: Please be aware that I have retired from active consulting, However, I’ve decided to keep the website up and available for archival purposes, and for access to the Newsletter Articles, Recommended Reading, etc.

How Keith Helps You Succeed

As a result of Keith's recommendations, clients have increased their profitability, overhauled their business management systems, achieved a better utilization of data and other business information, enhanced their domestic and international distribution, and created effective marketing programs that increased artist awareness and visibility — all of which has increased their sales. Keith gets results!


Counsels Start-Ups

  • Keith is the record industry consultant who guides Start-Ups through all aspects of setting up a record label, including establishing organizational, management, and business systems, office infrastructure, and staffing designed for each label's unique needs. He brings many decades worth of record industry experience, and is prepared to see start-ups through the launch of their first releases.
  • Keith is the author of The Complete Guide to Starting a Record Company, available at www.RecordCompanyStartup.com.


Boosts Your Bottom Line by Solving Your Financial Challenges

Keith shows you…

  • How to get the financial information you need to manage your record company by examining your existing financial data and systems and, where necessary, recommends and helps set up new systems designed specifically for your label.
  • How and where to reduce costs and increase profit by reviewing all aspects of your operation, and then helps you implement any necessary changes.
  • How to construct budgets for operating your label, making recordings, and marketing all your releases.


Improves Your Business by Solving Management and Systems Problems

Keith helps you…

  • Obtain the information you need to manage your label.
  • Devise organizational systems and procedures tailored to your record label's needs.
  • Get your releases out on time by putting organized record production systems and procedures in place, and can train your staff on how to implement them.  


Guides Record Labels Over the Hurdles of Digital Technology

Keith advises you about…

  • The best ways to sell your music online.
  • The appropriate technology, not only for your business systems, but also for getting your music in front of the public.
  • How to deal with complex technology, and the production of DVD-Audio disks.

“When our independent record label was going through a serious transition due to a change in our leadership we asked Keith Holzman to come in, look us over in detail and offer his consultation and advice. We had known Keith over the years and completely trusted what he would bring to the table. Few consultants I know of have the breadth of expertise that Keith can offer. His years of experience in the pre-digital record industry compliment and enhance the on-going wisdom he attains by persistently keeping abreast and in tune with trends and changes of the digital age. The consultation and advice we got from Keith was invaluable and extremely important for our company.”

- Eric Peltoniemi, Pres., Red House Records, Inc., St. Paul, MN

Increase your profitability and improve your business.

Use the Contact link to explore how Keith can help you succeed. He'll discuss your situation one on one. After he has a clear understanding of your needs, he'll let you know what he can do to solve your problem, and may send a proposal explaining what he plans to do, including a timeline and suggested fee.

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