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Friends: Please be aware that I have retired from active consulting, However, I’ve decided to keep the website up and available for archival purposes, and for access to the Newsletter Articles, Recommended Reading, etc.

Success Stories

As a consultant to management, and as a trusted adviser, Keith has worked with record companies of varied sizes -- one or two-person labels, small to medium-sized companies with five to 100 staff members, and large multi-national conglomerates with several affiliated labels and enormous staffs. He's helped them all in many ways.

Case Study Success #1:

Problem: Two partners decided to start a new record label, but had limited funds and resources.


  • Devised infrastructure for a modestly growing venture.
  • Established all organizational and procedural systems including production, accounting, and royalty report processing.
  • Developed operating budgets and devised marketing approach.
  • Established A&R and counseled on artist signings.
  • Guided hiring of staff.
  • Advised on appropriate domestic and international distribution.


  • The label was successful with its initial releases and was profitable within a year and a half of opening its doors.
  • It was acquired by a major multi-national record group.

“Keith Holzman has been a part of Mack Avenue Records from the beginning. I can't imagine this journey without Keith as our navigator. His input has been priceless. I'm comforted just knowing that, no matter what happens, I have Keith to confide in. His advise has always been helpful and he's done a great job keeping us on the right road to success, or better yet, the right ‘Avenue.’”

- Tom Robinson, President, Mack Avenue Records, Detroit, MI

Case Study Success #2:

Problem: A label specializing in a specific genre of music was losing money rapidly, felt it had lost its direction, and was generally failing.


  • Conducted a thorough top-to-bottom analysis of all operations including marketing, distribution, A&R, artist agreements, personnel, and systems.
  • Reduced the staff to the essential and consolidated major operations into one location.
  • Established new systems and procedures, and simplified administrative work.
  • Developed sound operating budgets and effective marketing strategy.
  • Provided direction to the marketing and distribution effort.
  • Improved data collection and financial reporting systems.


  • Total expenses were reduced by more than 25%.
  • The label successfully marketed its music to the public.
  • The label established its new direction.
  • It went from red ink to black, becoming profitable within one year.

“Keith Holzman's expertise has helped my company get organized and positioned for success in the record industry. Advice on distribution, promotion, contracts and product management, have made an impact on our company's bottom line. I highly recommend Keith and Solutions Unlimited. His experience can save you time and money!”

- Ron Brown, President, Mankind Records, Altadena, CA

Case Study Success #3:

Problem: A mid-sized independent label was having difficulty keeping up with current technology and was about to lose money.


  • Analyzed the company's operation to determine its needs and its budget.
  • Selected the most appropriate hardware, software, and technology to bring the label into the 21st century.
  • Trained staff in new systems and their usage.
  • Recommended updates and improvements to its online operations.


  • Individual output was increased and the working environment was more productive.
  • Executives and staff appreciated the efficient and streamlined methodology, leaving time and money for adventurous marketing.
  • New recordings were released on time.
  • Profits increased 20% within a year.

Case Study Success #4:

Problem: A major entertainment company needed to make a decision whether to buy, or build from scratch, a label devoted to a niche genre of music it was considering.


  • Performed extensive research in the genre from a standpoint of existing repertoire.
  • Analyzed domestic and international sales for the genre over an historic period of time.
  • Created four plausible scenarios of how the label might function, including appropriate repertoire.
  • Created credible operating and marketing budgets for each scenario.

Outcome: The company's decision saved millions of dollars and a lot of executive time and effort.

“I have worked with Keith Holzman for many years, both in his capacity at Elektra Records, and as an independent consultant. In my position as President of Walt Disney Records, I used Keith to help us ascertain our effectiveness in the marketplace and also to analyze our product offerings. As a consultant Keith was extremely professional and performed both engagements extremely well.”

- Russ Bach, former President, Walt Disney Records, Burbank, CA

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